UP Strategic Plan 2023-2029: Transformative University in the Service of the Nation


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The University of the Philippines (UP) developed a Strategic Plan for the term of UP President Angelo Jimenez, with the theme of “Transformative University in the Service of the Nation.”

With a focus on fostering a just, equitable, and sustainable society, UP’s strategic themes prioritize preparing graduates for the future, promoting public service for the common good and ensuring transparent and accountable governance.

The Strategic Plan 2023-2029 embodies UP’s commitment to contribute to national growth and sustainable development.

Rooted in the principles of “Honor, Excellence, and Service,” UP aims to address pressing societal challenges through its roles as a teaching, research and public service university, and as the country’s sole national university.

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The Pillars


Teaching, Research, Innovation and Creative Work, Public Service, Consultative and Accountable Governance



The Ten Flagship Programs


The keys to achieving the University’s goals under the Strategic Plan are the ten Flagship Programs (FPs) being implemented across the UP System.

Each FP represents a concerted effort to leverage UP’s expertise and resources to maximally impact national progress. These programs ranging from academic excellence to digital transformation, are strategically aligned with UP’s mandate as the national university.

Academic Excellence

UP’s first Flagship Program on “Academic Excellence in Teaching, Research, Innovation, and Creative Work” fuels collaborative, multidisciplinary research endeavoring to address pressing social issues.

By refining its core curriculum and expanding its academic programs, UP fosters systemic transformation and equitable access to education, pioneering lifelong learning initiatives though innovative digital platforms and initiatives like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

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Inclusive Admissions

UP’s Flagship Program for “A More Inclusive University Admissions Policy” seeks to balance excellence with equity by revising admissions criteria to consider economic status and geographic origins alongside academic merit.

Through collaborations with stakeholders and innovative programs like establishing new UPCAT testing centers in remote areas and the proposed Hatid Iskolar Program, UP aims to increase representation from underprivileged communities and provide comprehensive support for all aspiring students, no matter their socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Research and Innovation 

The third Flagship Program, “Research and Innovative Collaborations through Research Groups/Creative Studios and Technology Transfers,” aims to establish UP as a hub of innovation by fostering a robust ecosystem that facilitates the commercialization of research outputs and nurtures startups.

Through initiatives like the expanded University Innovation Fellowship Program by mainstreaming innovation in the academic curriculum, UP empowers faculty, researchers, and students to drive positive change and contribute to the economic and social development of the Philippines.

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Open and Distance e-Learning (ODeL)

The fourth Flagship Program “Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) for National and Global Reach,” revolutionizes education by providing accessible and inclusive learning opportunities through innovative online platforms.

Utilizing technologies like Moodle-powered Learning Management Systems, the UP Open University offers a diverse range of degree programs and open online courses, reaching learners worldwide and fostering a borderless, transformative approach to academia through initiatives like the UP Ventures for International and Transformative Academia (UP VINTA).

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Archipelagic and Oceanic Virtual University (AOVU)

The “Archipelagic and Ocean Virtual University (AOVU),” UP’s fifth Flagship Program, pioneers a transformative approach to understanding and utilizing our archipelagic environment for sustainable development.

Hosted in UP Diliman with satellite offices across key regions, the AOVU offers innovative post- graduate programs and research initiatives focused on marine conservation and the Blue Economy, fostering regional collaboration and leadership in archipelagic studies through strategic partnerships and digital platforms.

Read more about UP’s archipelagic and oceanic initiatives here: UP and the Blue Frontier: A virtual university for archipelagic and marine development studies


Active and Collaborative Partnerships

UP’s sixth Flagship Program, “Active and Collaborative Partnerships with SUCs, NGAs, LGUs, Private Sector, and Civil Society,” fosters inclusive development through strategic collaborations.

This flagship program is exemplified by the UP SUC/LUC Collaboration Office, which serves as a hub for cross-sectoral cooperation, and the Bangsamoro Development Initiatives, which empower communities through participatory governance and address pressing socio- economic challenges. Projects like the UP Pahinungod House, Starlink in Sulu, and Pailaw sa Butuan demonstrate UP’s commitment to innovative solutions and inclusive development in partnership with various stakeholders.

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Arts and Culture

“Arts and Culture,” UP’s seventh Flagship Program, envisions a vibrant cultural landscape within the University that promotes indigenous knowledge, interdisciplinary collaboration, and community engagement.

Through initiatives like cultural bearers’ programs, annual festivals, and the establishment of transdisciplinary museums and creative hubs, UP fosters creativity, wellness, and social awareness. With a focus on arts education, conservation, and policy, UP aims to cultivate a thriving arts ecosystem that enriches both the university and society at large.

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Expansion of Public Service Offices

The Flagship Program on the “Expansion of Public Service Offices, Ugnayan ng Pahinungod, Padayon, and NSTP Programs” embodies UP’s commitment to community engagement and societal impact. By strengthening infrastructure, incentivizing volunteerism, and institutionalizing service- learning, UP enhances its role as a public service university.

Through initiatives like the establishment of the UP Public Service Fund and the Public Service Productivity Award, UP empowers its constituents to make meaningful contributions to society, fostering a culture of service and civic responsibility.

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Quality Management System (QMS) and Quality Assurance (QA)

“Institutionalization of Quality Management System and Enhancement of Quality Assurance of Degree Programs,” UP’s ninth Flagship Program, underscores UP’s commitment to academic excellence and continuous improvement.

Through internal and external quality assurance mechanisms, UP ensures the highest standards in teaching, learning, and support services across all degree programs, while projects like the Accreditation of Quality Management Systems and the Finance Transformation Program strengthen governance and resource utilization.

Through these endeavors, UP fosters a culture of excellence and accountability, reinforcing its position as the premier national university.

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Digital Transformation

UP’s tenth Flagship Program highlights “UP’s Digital Transformation Program,” representing a strategic shift towards a service-oriented, learner-centric institution, integrating advanced technologies to enhance teaching, research, and administrative processes.

Through initiatives like the Center for Intelligent Systems and the UP Data Commons, UP fosters innovation, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making across its Flagship Programs. By embracing digital platforms and tools, UP aims to optimize workflows, promote inclusivity, and strengthen its position as a leading national university in the digital age.

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