The UP Charter


Mandate as the National University

Under its Charter of 2008 (RA 9500), UP is mandated to perform its unique and distinctive leadership in higher education and development.

The University of the Philippines shall:

Lead in setting academic standards and initiating innovations in teaching, research, and faculty development in philosophy, the arts and humanities, the social sciences, engineering, natural sciences, mathematics, and technology; and maintain centers of excellence in these disciplines and professions.

Serve as a graduate university by providing advanced studies and specialization for scholars, scientists, writers, artists, and professionals especially those who serve on the faculty of state and private colleges and universities.

Serve as a research university in various fields of expertise and specialization by conducting basic and applied research, promoting research and development, and contributing to the dissemination and application of knowledge.

Lead as a public service university by providing various forms of community, public and volunteer service, as well as scholarly and technical assistance to the government, the private sector, and civil society while maintaining its standards of excellence.

Protect and promote the professional and economic rights and welfare of its academic and non-academic personnel.

Provide opportunities for training and learning in leadership, responsible citizenship, and the development of democratic values, institutions, and practice through academic and non-academic programs, including sports and enhancement of nationalism and national identity.

Serve as a regional and global university in cooperation with international and scientific unions, networks of universities, scholarly and professional associations in the Asia Pacific Region and around the world.

Provide democratic governance based on collegiality, representation, accountability, transparency, and active participation of its constituents; and promote the holding of fora for students, faculty, research, extension and professional staff (REPS), administrative staff, and alumni to discuss non-academic issues affecting the University.

Rights and Responsibilities

Academic Freedom

UP has the right and responsibility to exercise academic freedom.

Academic Excellence

UP has the responsibility to maintain and enhance its high academic standards in the performance of its functions of instruction, research and extension, and public service.

Commitment to National Development

UP shall harness the expertise of the members of its community and other individuals to regularly study the state of the nation in relation to its quest for national development in the primary areas of politics and economics, among others.

UP shall identify key concerns, conduct research and formulate responsive policies regarding these concerns, give advice and recommendations to the President of the Philippines, Congress, the Supreme Court, the lower courts, other government agencies and instrumentalities.

Social Responsibility

UP is committed to serve the Filipino nation and humanity, and relate its activities to the needs of the Filipino people and their aspirations for social progress and transformation, and provide venues for student volunteerism.

Democratic Access

UP shall take affirmative steps, which may take the form of an alternative and equitable admissions process to enhance the access of disadvantaged students.


UP shall undertake and support comprehensive sports programs that promote physical education, uphold excellence and encourage competitive participation in sports activities, instill school identity and solidarity, cultivate pride, self-discipline and teamwork.

Institutional and Fiscal Autonomy

UP has the right to be treated in a manner consistent with its institutional requirements as the national university by the service-wide agencies in the exercise of their respective jurisdiction.

Taking into account national goals and priorities, UP shall exclusively determine its teaching, research and extension thrusts, plans, policies, programs and standards, and on the basis of such determination, shall recommend its annual budget to the President of the Republic of the Philippines and Congress.

Guiding Principles

Honor, Excellence and Democratic Governance

Committed to UP’s long tradition of honor and excellence, we shall be guided in our decision-making by the principles of democratic governance: collegiality, representation, accountability, transparency, and active participation of the University’s constituents

Accessibility and Responsiveness

We will break down bureaucratic walls and make our administration accessible and responsive to our stakeholders.

Innovativeness and Creativity

In making decisions, we shall not be bound by traditional solutions. We shall be prepared to pursue innovative approaches in solving the problems and issues that confront the University.

One University

We shall be guided by the spirit of Oneness: common standards of excellence, harmonized systems, common and shared services across constituent universities, but with decentralized decision-making and execution.

For a full copy of the UP Charter or Republic Act 9500, please click here.