UP Forum Volume 21 Issue 2 and 3 – Final This double-issue of the UP Forum for July to December 2023 features the different forms of activism and advocacy being espoused by different members of the University of the Philippines community. Read about the advocacies, struggles, and efforts of some of its faculty, student, staff […]

“Sayang naman.” Imagine hearing that as a response to “I want to be a doctor.” Unusual, right? Now imagine that comment coming from an educator interviewing a UP student who was about to earn his Biology degree, magna cum laude, and was being considered as the “Most Outstanding Graduate. Surprising, but perhaps a little less […]

  Theories of democracy generally value citizen activism as an essential component of a healthy democratic system. Hence, when people engage in protests, participate in signature campaigns, and contribute to online and offline public discourse, there are bound to be inconveniences, but democracy would certainly still be thriving. What happens, however, if instead of individuals, […]

  “By locating our cultural heritage, we ascertain our origins and future,” Anna Razel Limoso Ramirez stated emphatically. The UP Visayas (UPV) publications officer is the overall co-project leader of the Cultural Mapping of Panay and Guimaras (CMPG), along with Director Anthea Redison of the UPV Center for West Visayan Studies. Formally launched in December […]

“The wall is alive. It continually evolves, reflecting the nation’s pressing concerns.” Ides Josepina D. Macapanpan   For ten years now, artistic expression and social activism materialize in a form of a mural with the help of students from the College of Fine Arts (CFA) in the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman. This dynamic […]

  Since 2011, the Philippines has been outranking all other countries as the most at-risk, in terms of exposure to natural hazards and societal capacity to respond, according to the World Risk Index. Being typhoon-prone, the country experiences super typhoons bringing strong winds and intense rainfall that ravage affected communities by destroying houses, properties, crops, […]